Do You Want to Launch a New Business or Product? A new product, service, or business requires at least two of three elements: 1) Direct Experience in the specific business or industry 2) General Business Experience 3) Sufficient Capital. Your consultant should have experience in all facets of small business:
Having only one element is why most businesses fail.
• Business & Operating Plans • Trademarks and Patents • Product Development • Branding • Contracting • Manufacturing • Logistics • Marketing • Advertising • Training • Accounting • Human Resources • Customer Support • Control & Information • Mobile Applications • Web Presence. Engage a short-term business consultant to build a long-term system to help you run your enterprise effectively. Take Advantage of a Free Consultation! I Can Help You!

David Rosenblatt

Silver Image Studios, General Technical Corporation

“Nelson and I have known each other since 1976 and have worked together on many ventures. He is extremely creative at problem solving, is thorough, and has an inexhaustible work ethic.


In the late 70s I developed one of the first Interactive Video Tape systems. The challenge was how to establish this system as a national product and how to best market it. Nelson provided his professional skills in developing a marketing strategy along with effective printed materials. He also assisted in finding the right marketing venue to highlight and introduce our product.


We went to the 1980 L.A. Video Show and Nelson’s expertise brought our interactive product to the attention of a national video producer.


I don’t know of any production, marketing or product development challenge that Nelson can’t solve and his solution will be excellent.”


Greg Koss

AmeriTitle, Koss Music and Cultural Arts Institute

“I was Musical Director for Bobby Vinton, 'Blood, Sweat & Tears', and many other national acts and was hired by Nelson to be the Musical Director of the 'Rat Pack Too Orchestra'. He was a novice at working with a large jazz orchestra, but within a matter of days, he became an expert. He quickly mastered the details of managing an act of more than 27 musicians, singers, technicians, and dozens of clients. I relied upon Nelson when I started my title business and later formed my 501(c)(3). He is our vice-president and a valued member of my Board of Directors.”


Rickard Olsson

Automation Maintenance Consultant at Volvo, Orebro, Sweden

“I always thought of Nelson as an artist and performer. I was amazed when we started talking about my professional field of electronics, automation, and controls. His knowledge was extraordinary!”


Lori Ann Castleman

Advertising Account Executive, Charter Communications, Retired

"Nelson has the unique talent for both creativity as well as  logistics, making him a valuable marketing and business consultant.  In my 30-plus years in the ad business,  I would consider Nelson to be one of the very few who truly understands what it takes to develop an effective advertising campaign."


Don Costello

Team Leader, SharePoint Development, Phoenix College

“With a vast understanding of hardware and software systems, Nelson also has the creativity use the technology to find effective solutions to business challenges."

Allan Mezrah

Air-Vac Connection, Cash Connection, Water Connection

“Nelson has been an important advisor and supplier since 1990. I trust his integrity."


William Knopke II

Bay Area Travel, Genesis Travel, Magic Journey, Knoble Voyage

“Since meeting Nelson in 1998, he has played a critical role in the development of my business strategies. He applies his creativity to more than artistic corporate identities. I can count on him to develop creative solutions to all business challenges. His broad field of knowledge and experience makes him my number one go-to person when considering any new project. He has saved my companies thousands of dollars by serving as a sounding board to my ideas before implementation.  I do not start a new company without the sage advice of Nelson.”


William Modes

Former CEO of Stewart Management, member of “Rat Pack Too”

“In 2002, Nelson asked me to 'go pro' and join him as a performer in 'Rat Pack Too'. He has helped me to perfect my craft and has provided me great guidance since my retirement from Stewart. I have known many professionals in my business career and I have come to recognize Nelson as ‘a start-up guy’. He places tremendous emphasis upon planning and the development of business systems that make management easy.”


Mike Williams

Owner, PowerRunning

“A mutual friend recommended Nelson to help me start my private coaching business. It started with his design of my logo, printed materials, and web site. However, in our discussions, he offered some sound business advice which I took to heart. That advice has help me to maximize my coaching techniques and my reputation as a coach.”


Steve Toner, MBA

Senior Advisor at SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate

“Nelson and I have spent a great deal of time together. He is extremely knowledgeable in many fields and our discussions range from aviation to zoology. When we met, he was active in entertainment, so I was surprised at his having a strong, working knowledge of real estate development, which is my specialty.”


James Traina

Director, Internal Audit, Fotomat Corporation

Team Leader, Internal Audit, Lear-Seigler Corp. & Duval-Bibb Corp.

“Nelson recognizes the importance of control systems in even the smallest of businesses. He believes these systems should be in place as early as possible, preferably at start-up. I agree!”


Portfolio Animal Air Transport Principal & Founder, 1973 International shipment of livestock from the United States to South America. Image Studios Principal & Co-Founder, 1976 Industrial & Commercial Film & Video Production, Professional Photo Lab. Sprint Graphics System Principal & Founder, 1977 Print Media Production for Retail, Advertising Agencies, Trade Printers, & Publications. Tomorrow Today Principal & Co-Founder, 1978 Third Apple Computer Retail Store in West Central Florida. Challenger Advertising Production Manager, 1979 Established agency to serve the Vending Industry. General Technical Corporation Principal & Co-Founder, 1980 Co-Developer of the world’s first, marketable, Interactive Video Systems. CypressBend Subdivision Principal, Land Planner, & Golf Course Designer, 1980 – 1985 1,400 acre Residential Subdivision and 18 Hole Championship Golf Course. Sant Angelo Dairy Principal, Co-Founder, & General Manager, 1984– 1987 Designed and Constructed Milking Facility for up to 600 dairy cows. Responsible for herd health, equipment sanitation & maintenance. Conceived, designed, and produced computer automated milk metering and cattle feeding system. Visual Technologies SE Corporation/Coastal Printing Principal & Founder, 1988 – 2006 Design and Manufacture of products for the Pay Telephone Industry, including signs, telephone booths, phone book binders & mounting hardware, & pay telephone advertising systems. Copa Entertainment/Rat Pack Too Principal & Co-Founder, 2002 – 2010 Key Member of the popular Entertainment Group known as “Rat Pack Too”. Responsible for Show Design, Musical Development, Musician Management, Audio & Lighting Production. Became featured independent solo vocalist in 2008 performing with bands & orchestras throughout Florida. The Fulfillment Lab Principal & Co-Founder, 2011 – 2014 Responsible for Development of Advertising Campaigns & Materials, Developed Operating Software for this Global Fulfillment company. Through the course of my professional life, I have participated as a founder and a principal of several ventures. These are three of my many past clients. Below are a few of my clients, for which I have provided Identity & other consulting services. Bay Area Travel Corporate Travel Services Produced Advertising Materials Koss Music Institute 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Music Instruction Corporate Officer, Identity Design, Produced Promotional Materials & Public Service Television Advertising Air-Vac & Cash Connection Coin-Op Car Vacuum & Tire Inflators Produced Web Presence
Child Care Corporate Identity, Land Plan & Building Design, Web Site, Television Commercial, Promotional Printing, Business Forms
Personal Athletic Coaching Services Produced Identity, Web Site, & Promotional Materials. Provided strategic consulting.
Retail Purified Water Vending Market Research, Identity, POS Advertising
Architects Corporate Identity, Utilized Scarfone's iconic blue eyeglasses Architectural Projects including Office Building Floor Plans, Redesign of City of Tampa Marina
Exclusive Disney Travel Services Business Model Development, Identity, Operations Consulting, Web Presence, Promotional Materials
Cruise Consultants Business Model Development, Identity, Operations Consulting, Web Presence, Promotional Materials

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