Bill & Lissa Knopke

You Can Get Something For Nothing

A Personal Cruise Consultant costs you nothing! Cruise lines pay us to cater to your cruising desires. Your cost will be the same as booking directly with the cruise line.


Our Personal Experience

We have been pleasure cruise aficionados for decades and have a special love and understanding for cruising. Coupling our  decades of experience in pleasure, business and military travel will achieve your perfect cruise adventure.


We Learn All About Your Dreams

Through our personal relationship with you, we will know your dreams and your comfortable budget. Your ideal cruise starts with researching which cruise will be best for you!


Your Dreams Become Reality

We have the inside information about all of the cruise ships, the ports and everything else that will make your cruise the ultimate pleasure cruise adventure.


The Result is  Outstanding Value.

The Knoble Adventure

Built upon our decades of experience as a major agency for all forms of pleasure, business and military travel, and our personal love of cruising, we now specialize in the exclusive needs of pleasure travelers. We have been pleasure cruise aficionados for almost 30 years and have a special love for, and understanding of cruising. We are proud of our expertise in finding and planning the perfect cruise for you.


Our first cruise was in 1980 on Royal Caribbean’s “Song of Norway”, a voyage that set the standard for what cruising is all about: grand accommodations, sumptuous dining, attentive service, extraordinary entertainment, memorable ports and surprising value.


Over the years, we have personally experienced the evolution of the cruise industry, embracing the introduction of the Private Islands, Anytime Dining, Specialty Restaurants, Drink Packages, Mega Ships, Broadway Productions and much more.


Our latest cruise was ten days on NCL’s “Jade”, which sailed from Tampa. For us, this was the perfect cruise, encompassing all of the features and value to meet our personal expectations.


Your successful cruise will start with research. Which cruise, and its options, will be best for you? Each of our guests has unique tastes and requirements. Contemporary cruising offers a profusion of options, many of which are only known to cruising insiders. We ascertain your travel and cruise history and goals, defining the optimum cruise for you. Your cruise will be a personalized experience composed through our relationship with you. Your cruising desires and our first-hand, inside information will coalesce into your ultimate pleasure cruise adventure.


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